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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q:Do the vehicles come with current Colorado Emission tests? 
A: Some of the vehicles are sold with current emission tests, these vehicles will be issued a 60 temporary license plate.

Q:What is a voucher?
A:A voucher is coupon provided by the seller to the buyer that will not only pay for the cost of the test but is also a guarantee by the seller that the vehicle will pass emission test. The buyer then has 3 days to emission the vehicle. These vehicles will also be given a 60 temporary license plate.

Q: If I buy a vehicle that comes with a voucher and my vehicle does not pass emission what is my next step?
A: If your vehicle does not pass emission and was sold with a voucher, you must notify J & M right away so we can notify the seller that there is a problem. At this time the buyer will either make the necessary repairs to get the vehicle to pass emission testing or give a full refund to the buyer.
This is the only circumstance where a refund is given.

Q: What if my vehicle is sold without an emission test?
A: A vehicle sold with out current Colorado emission's is sold as a Tow Away.
All buyers purchasing these vehicles have 24 hrs to move your purchase from J & M to your selected destination.

Q:If I buy a Tow Away vehicle do I get a temporary license plate to drive the vehicle to emission test?
A: No, however any vehicles sold with out emissions can be issued a temporary license plate if the buyer takes the vehicle to emission test and brings J & M  a copy of the passed  test to make copies for our records. This may only be done in the time period of Purchase to delivery of title.AFTER THE TITLE HAS BEEN DELIVERED TO THE CUSTOMER NO TEMPORARY LICENSE PLATES WILL BE ISSUED BY J & M.

Q: Do I receive the title on the same day that I purchase my vehicle?
A: No, as a licensed Colorado dealer J & M has 30 days to deliver title. 

Q: Are the vehicles Salvage?
A: No all vehicles are sold with clean titles unless otherwise announced.

Q: Where and when can I register for an upcoming auction?
A: Registration is done in the office at J & M Auction on sale day.

J & M Staff is happy to answer any questions buyers may have, please feel free to speak to any of our staff at any time.
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